Mayland Amateur Radio Club     2002 Field Day
Iwo Jima Memorial  Vertical Antenna
Building the VHF / UHF system
VHF ops
Pulling up the 20M / 15M / 10M beam.
Brannon and Dan on Icom 706's
Generator Starting
Talk to the bird
Generator starting techniques. (It was year old gas).
Talking to 2M Satellite with 5 W on a VX-5 HT.
 Newest Extra Class Op VHf UHF Antennas
David is our newest Extra Class operator!
Assembling the push-up tower.
HF Ops
Byrne & Joe 
Dave & Byrne on HF at the Digital station
Byrne and Joe installing the rotor for the beam antenna.
Tower assembly
Byrne wiring the rotor cable.
Dan explaining to Leon and Hazel about his tower system.
Final Adjustment

Dave making final adjustments to the beam.