MARC 2017 Work Projects 

Rev 2.0   29 Jan

Priority Schedule 
Lead Projects

Complete     6/2017
Take down EOC KK4MAR tower & coax (no urgency)

Partner with Skyrunner   Complete

Mount ABC dishes

Abandoned    Spring, 2017
Remove coax from BRRH Mayland Clinic (now closed)

When MOU with county is approved
Move Locust Knob repeater into block building.

On hold pending new EM

Proposal for HF & VHF/UHF antenna systems at Ledger Inspection Office Bldg
(for support of EOC in new EMS building conference room)

Complete   May, 2017
KI4ZUI, KZ5ED Design a remote Simulated Emergency Test

Design a shelter 'light-up' exercise
(Burnsville Clinic, Bakersville Clinic, Ledger Sr Center,
First Baptist S P,  FD's                                    )