Mayland Amateur Radio Club
Member and Club organization and affiliations

ARRL   American Radio Relay League - the national organization representing the amateur radio community.
              Individual membership includes a monthly magazine QST and access to the on-line archives of past articles.
              If more than 51% of club members are ARRL members, then the club can be an ARRL affiliate club.

ARES    Amateur Radio Emergency Services - The ARRL organization focused on emergency response.
              There are no special requirements for ARES membership.
               Each county has an Emergency Coordinator (EC).  Each Area has a District Emergency Coordinator (DEC).
               There are week-day HF radio nets to verify station operation in the ARES organization.
               The NC ARES Areas follow the NC organization of Emergency Management Areas:

AUXCOM  Auxiliary Communications  - A database of ham radio operators who have taken the ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 courses
                    (on-line, generating a certificate) to familiarize themselves with the operation of the Incident Command System.
                     County Emergency Managers and Incident Commanders have access to this database for requesting assistance.
                     Auxcomm members leave their amateur radio hats behind and come along side ICS communications operators, as needed. 
                     Auxcomm members are expected to participate in drills and exercises to remain proficient.
                    With the adoption of the Incident Command System to enhance inter-operability after 9/11, all participants in an
                     incident site must have taken these 4 courses.  You can see Communications in the Logistics Section.
                     You will find that our local volunteer fire fighters also comply with this requirement.

VEC      Volunteer Examiner Coordinator   In the beginning, the FCC administered all license testing.  You had to travel to an FCC
               office to take the exam.  If you lived too far way you could get a Conditional license administered by a local ham. 
               Now the examining task is administered by Volunteer Examiners associated with a certified organization such as
               ARRL, W5YI, WCARS.........