Airmail Loading, Configuration
Resource site

1) Connect to the internet, and verify by opening a browser and going to: (Airmail Resource Site)

2) Install Airmail and the HF propagation program from
If using a USB PTC-II modem, download the driver, also from that site.

3) Open Airmail application

4) Configure Airmail [Tools] [Options] [Modules]
Check Terminal Window (if you are General or above), VHF Packet Client,
Internet Access, Position Reports.

5) Click on [Settings] Input your Callsign, input your Grid Sq, make sure 'B2F' is checked.

6) Click on [AutoAnswer]. make sure 'Accept incoming connects' is checked.
Check 'Apply' 'OK'

---------------TELNET SET UP ---------

7) Click on the yellow lightening bolt to start telnet.
Click on [New]
Input: Remote Callsign WL2K
Remote Host

Port 8772
Timeout 120
Password cmstelnet
Protocol B2
Click OK

Go to 'Telnet CMS Site' on the Airmail Resource page for set up details for each of the 4 CMS servers.

8) Create an e-mail message by clicking on the White sheet of paper Icon.
Fill in the e-mail as you would on your internet computer.
The 'Post Via' box should be automatically filled with 'WL2K'.
When completed, post the e-mail by clicking on the mailbox Icon.
Click on your 'Outbox' and see a message ready to transmit.

Make first Winlink connect:
Click on Green Circle, and watch the hand shacking.


-------------------VHF PACKET SET UP -----------------------

9) At Airmail message index, click on [Tools] [Options] [Modules] [VHF Packet Client, Set up]
Choose the modem you will use from the drop-down menu.
Choose the comm port. (COM1)
Choose the baud rate (9600)
Click 'OK', then 'Apply' 'OK'

10) Create another e-mail as above. Post it for sending.

11) Connect your laptop to a packet modem.

12) Click on [Modules] [Packet Client]
Modem should initialize.
In 'Connect To' enter KK4MAR-10

13) When modem is connected to a radio, set the radio freq to 145.090, simplex.
Push the Green Circle Icon.
Watch the hand shacking.

VHF Packet message sent

14) Peer - to - Peer communications
Does not use the internet. Airmail client talks to Airmail Client.

Create a message to a station expecting a direct connect: KD5OMY.
In the 'Post Via' do not use WL2K; instead use KD5OMY
Open the Packet Module. For 'Connect To' enter KD5OMY KK4MAR-10
We'll connect to KD5OMY via the digipeat feature of KK4MAR-10.
Set radio on 145.090 simplex (same as before for RMS Packet).

Click on the Green button and watch...............

VHF Packet Peer to Peer message sent/received

------------------ HF PACTOR SET UP -----------------------
20) Configure Airmail [Tools] [Options] [Connection ]
Select modem type from drop down menu.
Select Comm port
Select PC baud rate (9600)

[Radio Connection} for now, Select [None}
[Audio Tones] accept the defaults. Notice, Airmail is always USB.
[Apply] [OK]

21) Fetch current RMS Pactor Station list:
See URL on Airmail Resource page.
Save To: your Airmail INBOX folder.

21.5) In Airmail, Click on [Tools] [Housekeeper]

22) In your Airmail Message Index screen, click on the Message ID 'PublicPMBOs'
Click on [Tools] [Make Frequency List] [Update} [Save] [OK]

23) Click on [View] [Frequency List]
Put check marks in the boxes by the stations you want to consider connecting to.
Start with these: KN6KB, KQ4ET, KR4MA, N0IA, N1ICS, NP2E, VE1YZ, VE2AFQ
Click [Save] [OK]

24) Click on [View] [Propagation] OR hit F8
Notice in the left column are the stations you checked.
Notice that they are sorted by distance from you, with closest at the top.
In the upper left is your grid square, and the RMS Pactor station's grid square.
The colored grid is Time Zulu across the top, and frequencies that station scans along the left column.
Green color is good probability of propagation. Red is poor. This data uses a solar flux index, SFI,
that is updated to you each time you make an HF connection.

25) Attach an HF modem to your laptop.
Click on the HF Antenna Icon (far right) OR click [Modules] [HF Terminal].
Did the modem initialize OK?

26) Choose a station to connect to from the middle drop down menu.
Notice that the propagation window changes to display the station you chose.
In the right drop down menu are the frequencies that station scans. a (p3) indicates only Pactor 3 connects.
At the bottom of the window is 'Dial freq =' This is the dial frequency you set on your radio. It is offset from the
stations center frequency by 1500 Hz.

27) Create a position report message:
In the message index screen, [Window] [Position Reports] For data, enter your position, and click [now] to
input the current time.
Under Position Reports, add a Comment if you want. Click [Send Now] [Close}

You should be able to find a new message in your OUTBOX.

28) Choose a station and frequency, and listen for no activity.
Click on the music note icon to the right of the Red Stop Sign. This will generate a 10 W RF signal for adjusting your
antenna tuner if needed. It repeatedly sends your call sign at low power.

If all seems well, click on the Green button, and watch the fire works.
The connection should happen automatically, messages transfer, and disconnect.

HF Connection made

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