Burnsville Metric Bicycle Ride  +  Automatic Packet Reporting System
April 25, 2009

   Members from Mayland Amateur Radio Club / ARES supported over 350 riders on the 62 mile (1000 meter metric) 2009 Burnsville Metric bicycle ride with voice communications as well as APRS position reporting of one rider and one sweep vehicle.  

   The rider was Randy Raskin on his recumbent bicycle.  The GPS/APRS device is in his pack behind the seat.  The device is a Byonics Micro-Trak AIO (all in one) 10W 2M transmitter with GPS receiver and controller.  It beaconed simultaneously as AF4HX and KD4PXY every 5 seconds.

   KI4ZUI in his sweep vehicle used a
TH7D Kenwood HT transceiver at 5W and with a 30W RF amplifier. 

   The the I-gate for receiving the 144.390 MHz beacons and putting data onto the internet is KZ5ED's home QTH in Bakersville.  KC4TVO manned an APRS digipeater, 
in a Kenwood TM-D700, on Phillips Knob above Burnsville.  The APRS data reached KZ5ED directly or via KC4TVO digipeater.

   The track was viewed on     http://aprs.fi/  The map display 'connects the dots' between position reports.  There are blank areas where the APRS signal was not being heard due to intervening mountains. 

   The most radio-challenging part of the course was the western side.  Only Mt Mitchell 2M voice repeater covered that area.  No APRS signals were heard from there.

Randy Raskin on his recumbent bicycle with the
Micro-Trak transmitter in the yellow pack.
WA9OTP at Net Control.
Position reports were displayed on the internet-connected laptop.

Burnsville Metric route.

AF4HX-4   track on bicycle participant.

KD4PXY-4   track on bicycle participant

KI4ZUI-7  track -  mobile