CW Abbreviations

These abbreviations are commonly used in CW transmissions to shorten transmission times. Not all CW operators use all of them - most will use very few. As a general rule most operators do not abbreviate unnecessarily, especially when communication with an operator that they do not know or whose experience is unknown. In contest conditions, abbreviations are common as operators try to gain as many contacts as possible over the competition period.

Abbreviation Meaning
AA All After
AB All Before
ABT About
ADEE Addressee
ADR Address
AGN Again
AM Amplitude Modulation
ANT Antenna
BCI Broadcast Interference
BCL Broadcast listener
BCNU Be seeing you
BK Break in
BN Between, Been
BT Separation
BTR Better
Bug Semi automatic key
C Yes, Correct
CFM Confirm, I confirm
CK Check
CKT Circuit
CL Closing Station, Call
CLBK Callbook
CLD Called
CLG Calling
CNT Cant
CONDX Conditions
CQ Calling any station
CU See you
CUL See you later
CUM Come
CW Continuous Wave
DA day
DE From, From this
DIFF Difference
DLD & DLVD Delivered
DN Down
DR Delivered
DX Distance
EL Element
ES And
FB Fine business
FM Frequency Modulation, From
GA Go ahead, Good afternoon
GB Goodbye, God Bless
GD Good
GE Good Evening
GESS Guess
GG Going
GM Good Morning
GN Good Night
GND Ground
GUD Good
GV Give
HH Error sending
HI HI Laughter
HR Hear
HV Have
HW How, Copy?
IMI Repeat, say again
LNG long
LTR Later
LVG Leaving
MA & MILLS Milliamperes
MSG Message
N No, Nine
NCS Net Control Station
ND Nothing Doing
NM No More
NR Number
NW Now , Resume transmission
Abbreviation Meaning
OB Old Boy
OC Old Chap
OM Old Man
OP Operator
OPR Operator
OT Old Timer
PBL Preamble
PKG Package
PSE Please
PT Point
PWR Power
PX Press
R Received, Are
RC Ragchew
RCD Received
RCVR Receiver
REF Refer to
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RIG Station Equipment
RPT Repeat, Report
RTTY Radioteletype
RST Readability Strength Tone
RX Receive, receiver
SASE Self addressed stamped envelope
SED Said
SEZ Says
SGD Signed
SIG Signature, Signal
SINE Personal initials or nickname
SKED Schedule
SRI Sorry
SS Sweepstakes
SSB Single Sideband
STN Station
SUM Some
Abbreviation Meaning
SVC Service
T Zero
TFC Traffic
TMW Tomorrow
TKS & TNX Thanks
TR & TX Transmit
T/R Transmit/Receive
TRIX Tricks
TT That
TTS That is
TU Thank you
TVI Television interference
TX Transmitter, Transmit
TXT text
U You
UR You're Your
URS Yours
VFB Very Fine Business
VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator
VY Very
W Watts
WA Word After
WD Word
WDS Words
WKD Worked
WKG Working
WPM Words per minute
WRD Word
WX Weather
TXVR Transceiver
XMTR Transmitter
XTL Crystal
XYL, YF Wife
YL Young Lady
YR Year
73 Best Regards