Mayland Amateur Radio Club
Working Committees
Nov 11, 2017


  Responsible for the programming, repair, maintenance of the club owned voice repeaters, weather enclosures, feedline, antennas, and towers if applicable on Woody's Knob, Iowa Hill, Locust Knob. 

BRRH/Clinics maintenance: KC4TVO / WA9OTP / KI4ZUI / W4EWH / KM4ZME
   Maintain and periodically operate using the stations and/or antenna systems at BRRH, the Yancey campus, Mayland campus, and the Bakersville Clinic.

EOC station maintenance:   Currently no presence in the EOC.   KM4ZME
    Maintain UHF/VHF and HF antennas at the Mitchell county EOC.  Periodically operate using these antennas from the MARC operating position inside the EOC.

RMS Packet station: KC4TVO / WA9OTP / KI4ZUI / KM4ZME
   Maintain and repair the RMS Packet station on Woody's Knob.

MARC RTC station and training room: KC4TVO / KI4ZUI
   Install and maintain antennas, feedline, and radio equipment in the operating position at the RTC.  Keep the RTC room clean and organized.

      Public Service

Bike rides, foot races: (3)  KJ4SXJ
   Interact with the event organizers in advance of the event to understand their expectations for communications.  Design a communications plan to meet those expectations.  Recruit radio operators to fulfill the comms plan.  Examples of events we currently engage in:  Burnsville Metric bike ride, Roan Moan Bike Ride, Springmaid Splash foot race. 

Field Day, Contesting:  KM4ZME
   Plan the locations, layout, and equipment for these operating events.  Secure permission to use the sites chosen.  Develop a schedule of operators to participate in the event.

Club publicity: N4JRC
   Contact local and perhaps regional news outlets to issue press releases or do interviews about upcoming MARC activities that will involve the public.

      Operational / Technical training

RTC training:  KC4TVO / WA9OTP / KI4ZUI   (DEC, EC, AEC)
2nd Thursday each month:  Define and arrange training programs to educate club members on any technical aspect of Amateur Radio.  This may include specific training for upcoming events.

      Emergency Response

County Emergency drills/ARES: KC4TVO / WA9OTP / KI4ZUI
  Coordinate with local government officials for Mitchell county ARES to participate in emergency drills.

     Fund Raising

Grant writing:  KC4TVO, WA9OTP
   Identify and pursue grant sources for projects such as repeater solar power, repeater upgrade, RTC station equipment, training material.