Digital Mobile Radio ( DMR )
The MotoTrbo protocol,  TDMA
UHF system in NC, Nation Wide, World Wide

The North Carolina Wide-Area Digital Amateur Radio Network web site.

DMR for Dummies

Popular User Radios, HTs and Mobile:
XPR4550, XPR6550,  XPR7550,
Connect Systems
CS-700, CS-750

   Programming is best done by computer.  Programming data is included in what is referred to as a 'code plug'.
Motorola radios must be programmed by subscription software from Motorola.
Other radios come with free user programming software. 

   Current Code Plugs for these three brands of radios can be found on the NC PRN web site.

   Mitchell county has a DMR repeater.

Talkgroups (Time Slot 1)                Time Slot 2          
Local -- 27500                               PRN  
Chat 1  --  27501
Chat 2 --  27502
DMR-NA TAC 310 -- 310
DMR-NA TAC 1 -- 8951
DCI Bridge 2 -- 3100
DMR-MARC Southeast -- 3174
Echotest Server -- 9998

Programming Software and Firmware Updates for Tytera and Connect Systems
Including MD 380 firmware  2.034

How to Check and upgrade Tytera MD380 firmware

Custom Code Plugs:

Tytera MD-380  Custom for Spruce Pine to add Digital & Analog Simplex, and Woody's Knob analog
Dec 2016
Deleted most Contacts we do not know.  All club members with ID are included.
Chat 1, Chat 2 channels added to Spruce Pine repeater only.
Back light on always.     
 (In General Settings:  Radio:  Callsign, First Name 
                                    ID:  your 7 digit DMR ID)

MD 380 screen icons from left to right-

       Antenna- Received Signal Strength
Square with L or H in it- Low or high power
Circle with the "play" icon inside - scanning
Right arrow- Simplex mode, digital
The "shield" indicates non encrypted, as it should.
Battery Power