Digital Modes

   Digital modes involve a computer and an interface to the transceiver that changes digital data from a serial or USB connection into tones to be transmitted and received. 
Nearly all current computers include a sound card that does that function, but not as well a dedicated external sound card device such as a Signal Link or Rig Blaster.

PSK-31   One of the earliest digital, 2-way texting modes.

RTTY     Sound card implementation of the old console Radio TeleTYpe




WSJT-X  Weak Signal Joe Taylor  Available here.

FT-8    New mode developed by Franke & Taylor
            From Tutorial by KZ5ED:
            Dimension4  required for accurate clock setting on your computer
            PSKreports   reports stations receiving your transmission.
            N3FJP  companion logging program
            JTAlertX   voice announcing add on.
            Operator's manual