Dave & Alice Houser
Honduras Mission Trip   International Health Service of MN   Feb 16 - Mar 3, 2007

Central America

Honduras Travel

   We are serving Medical/Dental teams with International Health Services of MN.   This is their 25th Anniversary of missions to Honduras.  We will provide administrative support and radio communications to three teams within 50 miles of Puerto Lempira and radio communications between La Ceiba and Puerto Lempira. 
    La Ceiba will be supporting teams in the mountains between La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa.   There are 9 teams being deployed with Doctor, Nurses, Dentist, Pharmacist, Engineer, Radio Op, General Helpers, Translators, and maybe Eyecare. 
    You can e-mail us at  wa9otp(at)winlink(dot)org.  It will arrive by ham radio.  Plain text, and no attachments, please.  You must have received an e-mail FROM this address, to be included in my 'accept' list.  Many of you are already set up.  If you are rejected, or don't hear from us, send an email to wa9otp(at)bellsouth(dot)net.  I may be able to check this mailbox, too.
Puerto Lempira Team

Bill Kennedy, TX,  Interpreter, KD5XN
David Houser, NC, Radio Operator, WA9OTP
Alice Houser, NC,  General Helper, KI4CCD
Drew Mathews, MN,  Team leader, participating since the beginning
Jack Riordan, MN, Engineer, one of the founders of IHS 25 years ago

Fly Atlanta to San Pedro Sula; Bus to La Ceiba Friday Feb 16
Fly La Ceiba to Puerto Lempira Sat, Feb 17
Work in Puerto Lempira  10 days
Fly to Atlanta Mar 3
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