Weekly Net Call Guidelines and Script

Net Control Stations (NCS) are assigned on the MARC website home page. If some reason the assigned NCS is unable to call their net, it is their responsibility to obtain a relief by another NCS or another MARC member. Within 2-3 minutes of net start time, if it appears that the assigned NCS has not started, or will be unable to call the net, any MARC member may initiate the net call. Please don't let the net go uncalled. All nets shall be called via a local radio link. Echolink is a welcome path to check in, but not for net control.


AT 07:55 PM:

This is {your callsign}. The Mayland Amateur Radio Club Traffic & Training net will begin shortly on this repeater. If you need to make a call, please do so now.

AT 08:00 PM:

CQ, CQ, Calling all stations, this is the Mayland Amateur Radio Club Traffic and Training Net.  My name is {your name}; my call is {your callsign}, I will be your net control for this evening.

Any stations having emergency, priority or time-sensitive traffic, please call {your callsign} now.

This net meets every Wednesday at 8:00 PM on the KK4MAR linked Repeater System located on Iowa Hill, Spruce Pine @147.210 MHz, Locust Knob, Bakersville @ 145.310 MHz, and Woody’s Knob, Spruce Pine @443.925 repeater, located in Mitchell County NC.  All use a PL tone of 123, and are linked full time.  For additional information about the net and the Mayland Amateur Radio Club, Inc. please go to our web site: www.kk4mar.org.

This is a directed net; please pass all traffic through net control.  The purpose of this weekly net is to provide Amateur Radio information, training, and exercise/test equipment & systems that may be utilized during emergency events. All radio amateurs are invited to participate. When checking in give the net control's call sign, pause, and then give your call sign, your name and your location, and repeater used.

We will now accept check-ins by the first letter of your call sign suffix. When checking in, please indicate if you are holding traffic for the net, announcements, or no traffic.

Any stations with call sign suffixes Alpha through Golf, please call {your callsign}.

Any stations with call sign suffixes Hotel through Zulu, please call {your callsign}.

Any stations, call sign suffixes Alpha through Zulu, please call {your callsign}.

We will now take the stations with net bulletins or announcements {Call each in order}

(If necessary) Tonight’s training topic will be {Training subject for the evening} presented by {presenter}

Trainer will return net control to the NCS to formally close the net.

Thanks, everyone, for checking in today. Is there any other general traffic before we close the net? Call {your callsign}.

 Final call for late check-ins: any stations, call {your callsign}.

This concludes the Mayland Amateur Radio Club Traffic & Training net.  Thanks to all the operators who checked in. This is {your callsign}, returning the KK4MAR repeaters to normal amateur use.

Upon closing of the net, the NCS is to send a net log report via regular e-mail or Winlink (either telnet or radio) in IC-213 format. Send the report to the Mitchell County ARES/Aucxomm Emergency Coordinator (EC), wa9otp@gmail.com.   Include the NCS Name, Call, and Net start time, call signs for all operators checking in, check-ins location, repeater used, any traffic, and time of net close. These reports are used at the State level to certify total training hours with the State of NC.

Rev. 5/2016