Field Antenna installation tool.

Here is the modified push-pull pole we used on the Locust antenna work. Worked well on that project for light-duty pushing & pulling and can can be configured so that it can also be used to attach, emplace light lines high up for pulling up field antennas.

This system often works better than trying to throw a weighted line over a tree or branch; allows you to precisely place your weighted cord or “sky hook”; no tangling or wrapping of lines.   Fully extended, you have 15 ft of pole plus your own arm’s reach, so you might be able to drop a line or snag a hold 18-20 ft above ground. Walmart sells a light aluminum “golf ball retriever” for $13 in their sporting goods aisle. Takes just a few modifications to permanently install whatever attachment devices you wish.  I simply lashed things & added some squirts of hot glue to secure the lashings.  My finished pole collapses to 52” long, is very light,  & easily rides inside my truck box. 

I used a “sky hook” similar to this in Honduras (but lashed to the end of a slender sapling) to hook one end of my antenna to the lip of the rain gutter on our building. The bent coat hanger plus light cord is adequate to pull up, tie off a light antenna.