APRS and RideNC2010

"September 7, 8, & 9, 2010, endurance cyclist and North Carolina Baptist Chris Boone will pedal his bicycle non-stop across the entire state of North Carolina for RideNC2010 - an event honoring Baptist Children's Homes' 125th anniversary that could raise as much as $500,000.00.

"Chris holds the record for a nonstop ride of the Blue Ridge Parkway, completing the 471 mile ride in just 29 hours and 36 minutes. For RideNC2010, Chris hopes to break another record by completing his ride from Murphy to Manteo in less than 40 hours!"

Mayland Amateur Radio Club will place a Kenwood D-700 mobile radio with GPS receiver in the chase car to beacon Chris' position via APRS. 

View the progress on Sept 7,8,9 at:    APRS Progress Map

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Route Map

   Proposed schedule of 543 miles:
Leaves the Post Office in Murphy at 388 Valley River Avenue at 10 PM on Sept 7
Arrive in Asheville 4:30 AM. on Sept. 8
Arrive in Hickory 10:15 AM on Sept. 8
Arrive in Lexington 3:00 PM on Sept. 8
Travel through Raleigh at approximately 10 PM. on Sept. 8
Arrive in Manteo at approximately 11:30 AM. on Sept. 9

His goal is to maintain an average cycling speed of 15 miles per hour. He will do brief 10-minute stops for bike maintenance,
bathroom breaks and to change into clean clothes. He also had a crew of 32 people driving in cars and vans behind him.
Some are nutritional vehicles with people who will monitor his feeding schedule, a bike van for maintenance,
an RV for the crew to sleep in and other cars of supporters.

APRS tracking map of Chris's route from Murphy to the interrupted end of the ride: