Bakersville / Locust Knob Repeater
Coverage Map

Freq:  145.310 - offset, PL 123


36.03342  N     082.20239  W   elevation:  4107  ft. + Fire tower height.
4 bay antenna on fire tower above tower cabin.  
                     Kenwood  TKR 750 VHF repeater, new Fall, 2012
                      Linkable to Woody's Knob repeater with co-located 70cm radio.
                      Kenwood TK-863   UHF 25W link radio
                      Link antenna is 15' above the ground on the fire tower bracing.
Power:   Commercial, no battery.

Call sign Trustee:   KI4ZUI
Control operators:  KC4TVO, WA9OTP
Repeater Sponsor and owner:  Mayland Amateur Radio Club, Inc.    March 2011

Repeater cabinet under Fire Tower
The front of the repeater.  Below are the duplexers.  On the shelf to the
right is the Astron power supply.  The 440 MHz link radio is in the
left half of the panel with the controller behind it. 
The repeater is in the right half of the panel

The back of the repeater.  The controller board
can be seen to the right in the cabinet.
Duplexer cavities. (Cans)

KI4ZUI's custom built 440 MHz link yagi pointing at Woody's Knob. Our antenna is the highest on the left.