Spruce Pine/Iowa Hills Repeater
Coverage Map

Freq:  147.210 + offset,  123.0 PL tone    as of June 12, 2013 


35.92383  N     082.06474  W   elevation:  3250   ft.  Iowa Hills
                  On land leased from town of Spruce Pine.

4 X 100 Ahr AGM batteries
                      2 X  250 Watt solar panels
                      2  Sun Saver MPPT 15 L charge controllers.
                      1 Morningstar Sun Saver SS-20L-12 Charge / Load Controller
                     4 bay antenna on 75' tower.
                     Kenwood TKR750 VHF repeater.  Installed new, June, 2013.
                     CAT 250  Repeater controller.
                     Sinclair duplexers (4) refurbished June, 2013. 
                    Kenwood TK-863   UHF 25W link radio to Woody's Knob
Power:   Solar, with battery.

Call sign Trustee:   KI4ZUI
Control operators:  KC4TVO, WA9OTP
Repeater Sponsor and owner:  Mayland Amateur Radio Club, Inc.   2010

Top of Tower

Repeater, controller, link radio.
Repeater rack, batteries, battery charger.