Woody's Knob Repeater
Coverage Map

Freq:  443.925 + offset,  123.0 PL tone   
           Coordinated Jan, 2010 


35 52 47  N      082 06 16  W   elevation: 4170 ft.
                  Woody's Knob

   Rack mounted Kenwood TKR-850 UHF repeater
Installed, new, April, 2013.
  Bp/Br 4 can Motorola duplexers, refurbished Apr 2013.
16 Bay UHF folded dipole antenna
7/8" hard line from ground to antenna.
Power:   Commercial, with battery for backup power.  County standby generator.
auto battery backup - 100 AHr AGM battery.
50A Astron linear power supply.
AC mains surge suppressor - 2800 joules. 

Call sign Trustee:   KI4ZUI
Control operators:  KC4TVO, WA9OTP
Repeater Sponsor and owner:  Mayland Amateur Radio Club, Inc.   2010

KK4MAR voice repeater / KK4MAR-10 RMS Packet
Voice repeater -- Radio above, duplexer cans below.

RMS Packet above, power supply system below.
100 AHr AGM backup battery.