Training Topics and resources

Ham radio TV:

Direction , coordinate systems, line-of-sight calculations for ham radio:;;

Field Antennas: how to set up a basic HF antenna in the field;;

Antenna Basics: many online lessons, reviews on antenna basics:;;;;;

Lessons & Review on Radio Propagation: there are a number of classes, reviews on radio propagation on YouTube:;

Solar Basics: how the Sun works, effects on radio propagation, basics of Earth’s atmosphere, solar storms/flares/CMEs.

Weather Basics: Focus on understanding weather threats, weather maps, forecasts, what happens as air masses interact, fronts advance & pass through, etc.

EMP: a review of the threat, preparations to withstand EMP.

Survival topics: basic individual skills, preparations to deal with sudden emergencies:

fire making, staying warm, temporary shelters, emergency signaling, water purification, etc.

Station Grounding:

Setting Up a Home Ham Station:

A Tour of the 20 Meter Band:

Using a Manual Radio Tuner:

Antenna Analyzers:;

Checking Balun SWR w/ Antenna Analyzer:

4:1 Balun Construction:

Attic / Balcony Antennas for the Space-Restricted Ham:;

Simple Antenna for Your Prepper Emergency Receiver:;

Feed lines:;

Reactance & Impedance:;;;;

Antenna Impedance Matching:

Thoughts, Experiments On Portable/Bug Out Commo Systems: There are many online articles, viewpoints on preparing for emergency use of commo. One series of YouTube “videosbymike” show some interesting ideas:;;;;;

First Aid for the Amateur Radio Operator: classes on selected topics aimed at risks we might encounter as amateurs operating in the field: CPR, controlling bleeding, treating for shock, strokes/heat attacks, electrical or lightening injuries, heat injuries, hypothermia, etc.

Ways to Anchor, Set up Wire Antennas in the Field: how you can hand, attach, throw-up simple wire antennas in the field.

Basic Field Craft: ropes, knots, lashings

Power Supplies: types, choices, choosing one for your needs

Solar Power: basics for sizing, choosing, setting up for running basic amateur radio gear.

Digital Radio Communications: types, modes that can be used by amateurs, like RTTY, MT63, Olivia, etc. Choices, bands used, equipment & software choices, etc.