Winlink Express  1-5-8-0
 Installing, Configuring, Running, Forms
RTC training  Sep, 2017

0.5)  RTC WiFi access:    EXT-Mitchell-Office      PW4:MitchellTrustedUsers!

1)  Install / Update Winlink Express 1-5-8-0  from flash drive or:
2)  PROPERTIES  or  SETTINGS / SETUP:  Configure as you see on the screen

Your Grid Square:
Enter your call sign in the app above.

3)  SETTINGS / PREFERENCES    as on screen.  Leave password blank.

4)  Create and send a message to register your CALL SIGN in the system.
'New Message' icon on the far left.    fill in TO   wa9otp,  subject,  short text
'Post to OutBox'

5)  OPEN SESSION    Telnet Winlink   'START'
Watch the screen log progress. 

6)   See that (1) message in your OUTBOX is now (1) message in your SENT ITEMS

6.5)  Repeat 5)  to receive a message assigning a password.

7)  Create another message:
ICS_USA forms
Fill in the form - choose the callsign from the student on your right.
At the original message screen,  fill in the TO with the callsign used in your form, and include your home e-mail address after a comma.
Post to Outbox
Telnet,  Start,  Exit

8)  Wait a few moments for the messages to propagate through the system. (smoke 'em if you got 'em)

9)  Telenet,  Start,   Exit.

10)  Look in your inbox for a new message.  Click on it to read.

11)  Add RF support:  VHF/UHF Packet and HF Pactor