Winlink Express  1-5-8-0
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RTC training  Sep, 2017
Winlink via RF - VHF / UHF Packet, HF Pactor

Just like your computer internet service uses a modem to convert digital data to audio tones, connected to the phone line, or cable, or satellite dish as the transport layer,
Winlink also uses a modem to convert digital data from your computer to audio tones, connected to an RF transceiver as the transport layer.  The data speed over RF is going to be like the first phone modems --  not blazing fast.

Modem's with Pactor   (HF)

   Pactor 1 (rarely supported by Winlink SysOps today)
MFJ 1276, 1278B
Kantronics KAM+, KAM-98, KAM-XL, KPC-232MBX
Timewave PK 232, PK-900
 Pactor 1, 2, 3, 4
 SCS PTC   all
DSP1232, DSP2232
           Data speeds:  Pactor 1 - 200 BPS,   Pactor 2 - 800 BPS,    Pactor 3 - 3600 BPS, Pactor 4        BPS

Modem's with Packet                          KPC1, KPC2, KPC3, KPC4, KAM, KAM+, KAM-98,
                                                            KAM-XL, KPC9612, TNC2, MFJ 1270B, MFJ 1274
             (VHF/UHF)                            (Kantronics are best)

        For 9600 Baud                            KPC9612, PK96

       FOR  HF
1)  Open Session:  Pactor  Winlink  (for use on HF with a General class or above license)

2)   TNC Type   for now,  PTC-IIusb

      Serial port   for now,  1
You will get errors because this data is not satisfied by your system, yet.

3)  In the Session Window, select Channel Selection
For 'Recompute propagation estimates?'  No
Select Update Table Via Internet

Now your Winlink program is up-to-date with HF stations available for connect, sorted by Propagation probability estimates, based on our location, to aid in your selection.
Looking at the list, now, you see probably KC2HKU, Ed Muesch in Spruce Pine as your best contact. 


       FOR Packet
1)  Open Session  Packet Winlink

2)  Set up   enter your modem data

3)  Channel Selection

4)  Update Table via Internet

5)  Select the nearest station