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This handout with active links:          http://main.nc.us/MARC/Winlink2000.html

Winlink 2000 main site:     http://www.winlink.org/

Check out Lou Linden Nov 2004 QST article about IHS in Honduras.

Resetting Kantornics Modems    http://main.nc.us/MARC/Kantronics_Reset.html


Thunderbird e-mail client with Paclink   http://epaaresdigital.pbworks.com/Thunderbird-Configuration


Modem's with Pactor
See Airmail help file
MFJ 1276, 1278B
Kantronics KAM+, KAM-98, KAM-XL, KPC-232MBX
Timewave PK 232, PK-900
  SCS PTC   all
DSP1232, DSP2232
           Data speeds:  Pactor 1 - 200 BPS,   Pactor 2 - 800 BPS,    Pactor 3 - 3600 BPS 

Modem's with Packet                          KPC1, KPC2, KPC3, KPC4, KAM, KAM+, KAM-98,
                                                            KAM-XL, KPC9612, TNC2, MFJ 1270B, MFJ 1274
             (VHF/UHF)                            (Kantronics are best)

        For 9600 Baud                            KPC9612, PK96
                                                                                                                               David Houser  WA9OTP  Sept, 2009