Winlink / Airmail Configuration  
       16 May, 2009 class    (Airmail Resource Site)  

Airmail updates / mail management
[*]   Request and install updated catalog list.
Create a new message:  Address to  Inquiry.   Subject   List.    Body text   List
Send the message.  
Retrieve the reply via telnet.   Open the reply message (about 100K in size).
[Tools]  [Update Catalog]
View new catalog   [Window]   [ Catalogs]

[*]  Create mail folders for clients.
Right click on INBOX.  Click on New.    A New Folder will be created under INBOX
Right click on New Folder and rename with the name of a client.
As e-mails arrive addressed to that person, drag and drop into their Inbox.

Load into Airmail address book the class members, McDowell EOC, McDowell EM personnel
Click on Address Book icon.  Click on New.
In the Name window type the display name
In the To window type their e-mail address

[*]  Download latest RMS Pactor station list and install in Airmail
 Fetch current RMS Pactor Station list:
Save To: your Airmail INBOX folder.

In Airmail, Click on [Tools] [Housekeeper]

In your Airmail Message Index screen, click on the Message ID 'PublicPMBOs'
Click on [Tools] [Make Frequency List] [Update} [Save] [OK]

Click on [View] [Frequency List]
Put check marks in the boxes by the stations you want to consider connecting to.
Start with these: KN6KB, KQ4ET, KR4MA, N0IA, N1ICS, NP2E, VE1YZ, VE2AFQ
Click [Save] [OK]
  Position reporting
[* ]  Create and send a position report message on HF
[Window]  [Position Report]
On the left panell, type in Lat and Lon.
Click on 'Now'.  At the right, click, on 'Send Now'
Look in Outbox for a new message posted. 

Connect to an HF RMS Pactor station to send/receive messages.

[*]  Look on to see your reported position on the map.

[*]  Create new  ARES system file
[View] [Station List]
Click on Systems   [New]  Enter ARES. Click OK.
Click on ARES,  Clik on New, Enter a station call sign.   Click OK.
Click on settings.  Fill in Grid Sq;  Fill in name, check Pactor or P3 as appropriate, Packet
For Frequencies, enter:

03589.0#     (# signifies P3 only)

Enter these stations:
Grid Sq

Grid Sq
Bob Rodgers
KI4ZUI EM85wx Steve Williams
WA9OTP EM85wv David Houser
NN4KW EM95bp Ken Wood
KG4HJU EM85xq Kee Byrd

Larry Withrow
KD4PXY EM85xq Eddie Epley
Tom Lamb
Russ Oder
Laurie Tazioli
John Coley

[*]  Make peer-to-peer  contacts via HF,  VHF digipeater.
Create a message to KC4TVO with 'Post Via' of KC4TVO.
Include a short greeting message.
Create a message to KI4ZUI with 'Post Via' KI4ZUI
Include a short greeting message.

Open HF Terminal module.  Click on ARES System. Click on KC4TVO, Choose the 40 M frequency.
Set the radio frequency as indicated at the bottom of the screen. If the frequency is clear,
click the green button to begin the connection.  Sit back and watch the transaction.
Look in the INBOX for a message directly from KC4TVO.

Open the Packet Module  [Modules] [Packet Client]  Set radio to 145.090, simplex.
In the 'Connect to'  type in KI4ZUI KK4MAR-10  (This will connect to KI4ZUI via the digipeater
on Woody's Knob, KK4MAR-10.)  Click on the green button. 
Sit back and watch the transaction.
Look in the INBOX for a message directly from KI4ZUI.

You have exchanged messages without using the internet.  You are not an unattended automatic
station, so there are no frequency choice limitations. 

Dave   wa9otp