Winlink Training   SCS modem
Aug, 2019

   An SCS PTC-IIusb Pactor modem, owned by the Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, is available for loan for training using the Winlink message system.

   These requirements define the parameters for this training loan:

1. Custody requires a signed hand receipt, at the bottom of this page.
    Leave receipt at RTC.

2. Can only be used with proper factory furnished cables, to preclude cross wiring and smoking the modem.
    (Operator may have to purchase cables )
   TRX Audio and TRX Control Cables can be identified and purchased at:

3  Training operations will be on Amateur frequencies using your own amateur call sign ( Not SHARES call sign or frequencies).

4  Modem may be checked out for one month at a time.

5  Club officer must review and approve the station configuration including the modem.

_ . . . _       _ . . . _       _ . . . _       _ . . . _ 

I,__________________________________ agree to return this SCS PTC-IIusb modem, S/N UN27090100000FF5162ED7

by  ______/___________/__________.  

I accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of the modem.

Signature ________________________________________ Date _________________

Modem returned

Club officer ______________________________________ Date ____________________