Health Agencies
Back-Up radio communications support

Blue Ridge Regional Hospital - Station at the Hospital
   Antennas 80M dipole,  dual band vertical.
   Operating station - stored in cabinets in the Security Office which is between the inner and outer  ER entrance doors.   Winlink e-mail supported by RMS Express program.
Pactor 4 modem with Icom 706 radio for HF; separate Icom 706 for VHF/UHF.
SHARES station license

BRRH Yancey Campus Operator's Instructions

Bakersville Community Health Center Instructions
  Permanent VHF/UHF omni-directional antenna on roof with coax into upstairs conference room and permanent channelized VHF radio.
    Contact Chuck Shelton.

Toe River Health District Operator's Instructions
  Antenna installation to be re-installed at the new Ledger office.