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ARRL NC Section (on ARRL web site)
ARRL NC Section
ARRL Roanoke Division
ARRL National

FCC Amateur Radio Site

Call Sign Regulations

Southern Appalachian Radio Museum

Yahoo's list of Ham links

W5YI Radio Report

   How to set up a station

Building a Super Station    (440 pages, free download)  Lots of practical ideas, and some theory.

    Band Plan Charts
ARRL color chart
ICOM color chart

US Grid Squares, Icom

DXCC Country List

    Antenna Theory
Near-Vertical Incident Skywave propagation Antenna for short range HF communications

     On Line Reviews, Forums, Resources: 

Radio Study Guides
QST Reviews by manufacturer  (no links, but dates indicate age)
VHF/UHF radio ratings from
E-ham rating of radio repair shops
Device manuals

HamRad   Ham Radio Resources
Ham Radio News
Used Ham gear prices from recent auctions
Amateur Radio Band Plan  .pdf format   ICOM
US Grid Square Map  .pdf format   ICOM
Amateur Radio Glossary  .pdf format    ICOM

Kenwood free operating manuals
Kenwood News & Products

Modifications for Ham Radios

Boat Anchor Manual Archives

Links to Owner's Manual resources

   Soft Ware:  Logging, Training, PC interface:
Koch CW Trainer
Sound Card S/W collection

    Message Traffic Handling:
Tools for Message Traffic Handling

    On-line Catalogs:
Ham Station New Product Prices
IRI Amateur Electronics  Greensboro
HRO  Ham Radio Outlet
Ham Radio Products from the Raymond Sarrio Company
Communications HeadQuarters, Inc  Wilmington, NC
C.T. Morgan and Associates  Chattanooga, TN
Nothern Ohio Amateur Radio Depot; Brunswick, OH  
Universal Radio Inc,  Reynoldsburg, OH  
Memphis Amateur Electronics, Inc

Jun's Electronics, Culver City, CA
HamCity  Culver City, CA
Amateur Electronics Sales
Radio Works
R and L
Cheap Ham
DX Engineering
Quick Silver Radio
Rad Com Radio, Lubbock, TX
Radio City, Inc   Mounds View, MN
YV-5 Communications, Inc,  Miami, FL

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Ham Gallery
QTH Amateur Radio Swap Ads
Ham Trader Ads

    Other Clubs:
Carolina Helping Hams

North Carolina Amateur Radio Clubs & Organizations

McDowell Amateur Radio Association

The Western Piedmont Amateur Radio Club

NC Amateur Radio Clubs

Pittsburg, PA (Talley's club)

    QSL Sites:

Naval Academy Amateur Radio Satellite

Satellite passes over North American Cities


    Used Gear:


NOAA Weather Radio System
S.A.M.E.  County codes

Offerings from WD1P

Antennas and Propagation - Army Field Manual

RadioWorks 2006 Product Manual

Marine Corp Field Manual - (copies of exam pool questions) (no nonsense license study) (license study flashcards) (73 magazine on CD $13) (radio society Great Britian) (qrp amateur radio club international- qrp quarterly & books) (military antenna manuals) (quarter century wireless association) (old old timers club) (charlotte chapter antique wireless association) (dealers and buyers)
Offerings from BrushBeater Site

BrushBeater Reference Library

     Down loadable documents such as :
Antenna systems
Where there is no Doctor
Survival Evasion and Recovery
Where there is no Dentist
The Survival Nurse
NIFOG handbook
FCC Sprctrum wall chart
  and many more

Reference material from the 2020 General Class License course taught by Rol Anders K3RA