KK4MAR Tower Raising
At the Mitchell County EOC building in Bakersville
June, 2004

Barry, NG4EM with Isaac, W1FJN the
tower and HF antenna donor.
Tom, KG4VBS and Talley, KA3AIN
and Byrne, KT4CA driving ground rods.
Kearney, AE4IO and Dave, WA9OTP and KA3AIN
assembling the tower sections.
Bob, KD5OMYand KT4CA and Red, K4RED
 digging MANY rocks out of the tower base hole.
antenna assy
ground pattern
AE4IO, KT4CA and KA3AIN assembling
the bowtie HF antenna.
The ground rod pattern at the base of the tower.
KA3AIN and Paul, K5LZT checking antenna SWR.
The tower with antennas raised just
 before the rain storm.

This 48' Rohn BX, free standing tower currently hosts a Butternut BowTie antenna for 20M, 15M, and 10M (we think a HF3B), and a 2M Ringo Ranger.  Each antenna is fed with RG-8 type coax.  The antenna rotor is CD-44.